Vital statistics
First Appearance The Price of Hope
Portrayed by Jason Watkins

Crios was a criminal situated in the City of Atlantis.


Crios was known as a liar and a criminal by many in Atlantis. Despite this, Hercules met him in a local pub in order to hear news of his beloved Medusa. Crios truthfully explained that she was to be found on the shores of Cisthene. While the criminal did enjoy a laugh or two, Hercules believed him.

Later, Crios was confronted by Jason and Pythagoras who blamed him for Hercules disappearance. Crios told them that he had explained the truth to Hercules, but he didn't warn him of the band of Scythians in the forest. Furious at him putting there friends life in jeopardy, Jason threatened Crios, but Crios set Doros on the both of them forcing them to run away and leave him at peace. (The Price of Hope)


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