Vital statistics
Affiliation Cyrus
First Appearance A Boy of No Consequence

Elpis was a slave who arrived in the City of Atlantis to be a part of the Bull Court.

Biography Edit

Elpis met Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras when they forced by King Minos to be a part of the bull-leaping event. She had a special bond with Cyrus because they had travelled together to the city. However, she was forced to betray Jason and Cyrus as she worked with Palos and Pasiphae to make the boy fail in the Atlantis amphitheatre.

When Cyrus was killed, she was very distraught and realised that she had perhaps made a mistake. She succeeded to jump the Bull and was also happy to discover that Jason had survived the event. After being judged kindly by Poseidon, she said goodbye to her new friends before leaving with Shabaka. (A Boy of No Consequence)

Appearances Edit

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