Vital statistics
First Appearance Twist of Fate
Portrayed by Donald Sumpter

Tiresias was a member of King Laius' court.

Biography Edit

When visiting the City of Atlantis with his grace, Tiresias was involved in a plot to kill the King Laius' and his wife's newborn baby.  After the baby was discovered and taken back to Atlantis by Jason, Hercules and PythagorasAndreas, the messenger who monitored the baby, saw the trio remove the baby and informed Laius. This lead to a search party throughout Atlantis and for a period of time the borders to be shut. However after originally searching for the baby, had realized his mistake and returned to the aid of Jocasta, to rediscover her baby in order to protect him. He agreed that the baby should be taken to Zephlon. Once he was informed of the transfer, he told Jocasta that they had passed the border and that her baby would be safe. (Twist of Fate)

Appearances Edit