After last week's fun romp, this week's becomes a little more serious and far darker. The opening scene is tantalising and what a wonderful way to introduce a new main character. Medusa is of course the name for the Greek goddess who's hair was snakes, and to see her as this harmless individual is quite refreshing and also puts more expectation into the series. It could also mean we have a lot to look forward to.

Once again, Hercules was ecstatic with humour! From being licked by a goat and bitten by a Maenad, from running after the wrong girl to dodging Karpos and hunky men, he never really stopped! And with his friends judging him throughout, it just makes this series very watchable.

Unlike last week, the storyline here was direct and to the point. The Maenads lead by Anysia were a frightening bunch and their servants, the Satyr were far more so. While having a monster almost in each episode is Merlin-esque, it adds a new direction to the show. The Satyr in particular were well-handled.

The duo Pythagoras and Jason remain co-operative, however, Pythagoras seems less up for the challenge of crossing the Forest of Nysa. As usual, Robert Emms gives a believable performance and makes the Mathematician all the more fun to watch. I chuckled when the branch slapped his face.

The one element, which I feel is lacking, is the main character himself. While the jumping and skipping skills are impressive, there's no meaning to it yet, and the Oracle's riddles haven't enlightened us nor him of that fact. The actor Jack Donnelly also seems like he's stalling himself. He doesn't want to hit his lines like the other characters, instead he tip-toes across them. Hopefully it's just the early nervousness and nothing more.

Overall, a brilliant episode, with just a few tweaks, it could be quite close to the standard that Merlin brought in their first series. However, in terms of mixing humour with the serious side, I believe Atlantis has been far more successful.


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