I'm guessing this one wasn't a favourite of everyone's, solely because it was made as a filler. Hunger Pangs for me, was very weak and didn't have that much substance at all. And personally, I found it an amalgamation of all the show's faults. I decided to watch it again, in order to get a better overview, but I'm staying adamant.

First all, the title prompted a dreary episode. If the three of them are hungry, how can Hercules afford wine and not food? Why don't they ask Ariadne as they did for the silver and avoid their whole problem. I realise there wouldn't have been an episode because of that, but I'm just showing the obvious escape route.

The story of the man in the sacrificial house was unexplained, and that made the ending very sour for me. I expected to receive a whole explanation, especially as Jason had no idea what had happened to him. Not to mention the death of the wolfman in the sacrificial house was, to say the least, awkward.

Once again, Hercules and Pythagoras come up with the most ludicrous of plans to divert the guards around Ariadne. Yes, it's funny, but by this time in the series, similar to Merlin, there should be far less comedy and more action, emotion and seriousness. I expect that to improve next week.

The worst moments, in my mind, were the appearances of Pasiphae and Minos. They had nothing to do with the episode, and on top of that, did not develop their plot-line, following three episodes of their absence. Overman and his team are trying to drip-feed us with these plots, without success, because it's only making us feel cheated or empty at most. Last week's episode had substance and there was a reason for each character to be there. I wanted more from this episode, but it just didn't come in the end.

In terms of strengths, the episode doesn't have many. I will say, however, it was scary at times. The CGI and directing made for some frightening moments. Also, Donnelly's performance has improved no end. He is now in league with his co-actors and is well on the way to giving us a spectacular performance in the finale - (we hope).

Overall, this was the worst episode of the series - a filler, similar to some of the Merlin episodes we've seen. But, having that title, shouldn't deter it from it becoming a good episode - it was just never to be. I was starting to enjoy Atlantis, but once again, I'm falling short of the point.

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