Nothing special. Then again, it wasn't too bad. Kin is a bit of side step from what has been consistent this second half of the series, which gives it a new flavor. However, it comes off more as being a one-off episode rather than being anything significant. Unusually for an episode from this series, a lot of things happened, not to mention another game-changing death. Aeson's departure front the series may just be what Jason needed as influence and inspiration to make one last stab at this mother.

Unforunately, Pythagoras, Hercules and Ariadne did squat this episode, with their dialogue resolving around how love is important and how they would do anything for each other and especially for Jason. It's nothing new and it also doesn't change my view on Atlantis, it's still bland and awkward. My other query was the sudden change from last week's episode, where Medea seemed to be kissing Jason, and now she seems to have nothing to do with him. This inconsistency was very off-putting, as I was expecting some sort of explanation for their abrupt show of affection for each other.

Nevertheless, there were some great moments in this episode. John Hannah portrayed a wonderful father who's internal conflict brings out the best in him as he finally persuades Jason to lean towards the light side. It does get a little repetitive towards the end, but we're offered a final emotional speech from Aeson, which does pack an extra punch when he falls to a blade from Goran later on. Similarly, I enjoyed Pasiphae's conflict as she tries to understand whether Jason's death is the right thing, and whether she should be protecting him or not. The fight scenes in the amphitheater were actually quite enthralling, albeit done before, and it's nice to see the crowd take part. Pasiphae's realization that Jason loved his father more than her was a great performance from Sarah Parish, who broke into heavy tears.

The music continues to bring this whole show together, as we get the familiar notes coming through during Aeson's memorial at the end. I've kept this review short mainly because I want to refrain from ranting on about the same old stuff that I always do. Just to say that this was a definite improvement from last week, with slightly more character development an episode that feels more rounded, thanks to Jason's dark storyline being tied up. My fail review will be next week as the series concludes with a extra-long episode of death and destruction.


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