Here are a list of hopes that I have for the second series of Atlantis:

Returning Characters

There were a number of successful characters who appeared in Series One and I'd love if they returned for their second or maybe third appearance. Here is a list:

  • Medusa - An important character in the Atlantis series and one who is extremely important to one of our main protagonists.
  • Shabaka - An outsider who's friendship lies our three main characters.
  • King Laius - The only "other" royal that we know of, who's power matches King Minos. He could be an intriguing candidate for international treachery.
  • Therus - An uncrowned King who could meet back up with his sister one day.
  • Philemon and Baucis - Both are now friends with the three main characters and are living in Helios.
  • Eunapius - An intriguing priest who could be a strong ally for Jason and Hercules in the near future.
  • Daedalus - A powerful character who's knowledge could be the catalyst for a brilliant story.
  • Atalanta - Strong-minded and full of flare, Atalanta could return in style in the second series.
  • Tychon - The father of Jason, Tychon could be another intriguing character to include in another exciting storyline.

Just a few characters, but ones I believe could shape a brilliant new series. There's no point in creating new characters unless they have a certain purpose, when you've got a number you can bring back.

Returning Locations

Cities and mountains have featured numerous times in Atlantis, it's time to really pinpoint them next time. Some locations that come to mind are Zephlon and Helios where we barely know anything about them. This needs to be rectified.

New Ideas

The new series definitely needs to have new ideas. My example of a flat episode has to be Hunger Pangs, which is so obviously a filler. Overman needs to make every episode count as a part of the series, instead of making new, but bland representations of some other sorts.

For instance, Cerberus could be an interesting concept to consider. In Greek Myth, he is known as the greatest monster to have lived. Merlin was jam-packed with monsters and creatures of all types - there's no reason why Atlantis can't be.

The reason Pandora's Box was such an impressive episode was the amount of information it fitted and not to mention the fast-paced action and contrast between light and dark. A number of episodes like this could bring Atlantis to another level.

New Writers

Perhaps bringing on extra staff will help shake-up the new series. Previous Merlin writers include Ben Vanstone and Jake Michie, who I'm sure could make some crackers out of their writing skills. Overman wrote a total of 8 episodes in the first series, I think it would be best if he had a slight rest. Whilst his episodes were the basis of most of the story arcs, they were not all good. Perhaps some new additions to the writing family can bring some new ideas and a new spin on things.

There's a lot to play with now, especially with Pasiphae now down-graded, Circe dead, Jason not in danger anymore and Medusa still lost. There are a number of important areas still to cover.


I hope that what I have considered will be taken into account as the production team of Atlantis begin their plans for the next series. Filming will begin sometime in the next three months and there needs to be a transformation. Those of you who have been reading my reviews, know reasonably well, my rankings for this year's Atlanits, but for those of you who are unsure, here it is:

  • 1. Pandora's Box
  • 2. The Furies
  • 3. Touched by the Gods Part 2
  • 4. A Girl By Any Other Name
  • 5. Touched by the Gods Part 1
  • 6. The Song of the Sirens
  • 7. The Price of Hope
  • 8. The Earth Bull
  • 9. White Lies
  • 10. A Boy of No Consequence
  • 11. The Rules of Engagement
  • 12. Twist of Fate
  • 13. Hunger Pangs

Please write your own thoughts in the comments and tell me if you agree with my hopes for the second series.

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