Atlantis has been struggling for a while now and it pains me to say, that I've also been struggling to watch it enthusiastically. In comparison, Merlin's first series was up-beat, unstoppable and very, very creative. Atlantis has a lot of opportunities to shine and a vast world for them to explore, and yet they don't seem confident enough to do that. 

Saying that, the Furies was a visually and emotionally effective episode. Despite a few stupid mistakes and some cheesy lines, it was a clever story to follow. Plus, the most important plus was, that we received some character development from Pythagoras at last - and I must say, some delicate development. Let's look at what didn't work first then.

Arcas was a good character to include, but I don't think he worked out as well. He was definitely vital to the story, but despite his importance, I just couldn't empathise or endure his character at all. This may have been in consequence to some very basic acting. In addition, the story about Baucis is unexplained. She is an interesting character and one which I'd hoped to understand, but unfortunately, the scene with her killing a man in the desert, was just another plot-line unfinished. And her relationship with Philemon grew far too quickly I believe. They began the journey questioning each other and then suddenly they fall in love as they reach Helios. What's that about?

The biggest fault, I believe was the cluttered appearance of this episode. There's far too much happening and in 45 minutes, that can look like a blur. If only some tidying had been done around the edges, it would have been far more impressive and successful.

Otherwise, everything was perfect. The visual effects of the Furies was very well done. The scenes of the desert where they filmed in Morocco were stunning and captivating. Robert Emms excelled in his acting skills in this episode, allowing for some background story to be permitted. By now, they all seem to have some sort of background which has affected their lives. Jack Donnelly has improved no end by now and is giving out a positive attitude towards the show, not to mention Mark Addy who continues to delight viewers with his rollicking jokes!

Overall, the Furies is a visually successful episode, with a strong plot to compliment it. I would preferred a little less fast-paced action, especially as this is only the first series. Hopefully the next episode from lead writer can follow equally through with another great episode - only time will tell. And so, with some minor tweaks, the Furies could have been a masterpiece.

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