Last night's episode was quite exciting, I must admit, but it didn't reach the standard of last week's masterpiece. Perhaps it was a little more peaceful and concentrated on the emotional side of Medusa and Hercules' relationship. But I think because there were a few clumsy moments that could not be compensated.

To start with the flaws, I believe the scenes with Crios were unnecessary and too humorous to be in-keeping with the tone of the episode. Especially when Jason and Pythagoras were being beaten up by Dodos. Also, the script was very lazy and despite Robert Lindsay's wonderful acting, the script just made him look stupid and far too obvious.

By the end of the episode, there was far too much talking and little change from the content of the discussion. I also lost my concentration during the final moments, just because they were lacking in keeping me on my toes. And finally, for the past three episodes, there have been a terrible lack of the other four recurring characters. If they want us to hold on to the plot-lines, we most definitely need characters to support us along the way. They're absence has made the series direct itself towards one in plot-line alone and that weakens it terrible. A clever story always finds away to link the two.

On the plus side, Atalanta's character was thrilling and her skills were a catalyst for the fight scenes. Plus, it has opened new doors into the Atlantean world. Hercules and Medusa in the final moments were stunning and her final goodbye was quite emotional at the very end, with a wonderful camera shot of just a shadow of a monster. As I said before, Robert Lindsay's guest performance was impressive and you can tell why he and some other famous actors on the show are so good.

The scene with the Oracle is once again, very short, however, more comes from this story. Also, the reappearance of Pandora's Box can ease us back into that plot-line, which works out well for Overman.

Overall, it was a standard episode, with some things to delight, others to make me groan some more. There have been some good times and some bad times this series, and I just hope it goes up from now onwards to the end of the first series.

I hope that Overman has a wonderful plan in these final episodes. You can tell that he's been building up to something and that time is coming near. I just hope above everything else that the finale will consult all the plot-lines that we have gained during the entirety of this series and maybe we can get an answer or two.

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