You could tell there's been something building up in the series, which has finally lead to this. With last week's trash-worthy episode, however, the success of this finale did not seem likely. But as I joined my family last night to watch it, I was suddenly caught once more. I don't know what it is about Hercules, despite his jokes being so obvious, there's something funny about, perhaps it's Mark Addy's tremendous acting. 

Anyway, there was a lot I liked in this episode, and something which I disliked. First, what I liked about the first part of the finale was the love story between Jason and Ariadne. It has been an on and off session throughout the series, which hasn't really reached a climax or anything near it. But, I believe it was well-handled and you truly understand their love and affection for one another. And that appears to be the driving force for the thirteenth and last episode. Once again, the comedy trio from Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules is unmatchable - their infiltration may be a determined attempt, but in the end it turns into a tense moment of hilarity. And in any case, their friendship shows strong in this episode, especially towards the end where it is revealed Ariadne was arrested by Pasiphae.

The interweaving plots about King Minos and Circe were wonderful as well and allowed for a busy episode. Specifically, I am still adamant that the last episode should not have shown that sneak peak of Minos in bed, because we almost had exactly the same scene here. This was far more cleverly done too, considering Pasiphae's trickery when she tells her husband that his daughter was neglecting him. In addition, Lucy Cohu is an impressive actress and her scene with Jason was intense and I doubt anyone was expecting skeletons to rise from the ground following her enchantment. Ione was an interesting character; I had a hint of suspicion that she was perhaps working for Pasiphae, and her betrayal led to a very exciting cliffhanger. 

If this was all, I wouldn't doubt giving it 9/10, but unfortunately, there are some elements that I disliked. For instance, Pythagoras' role is weak and replaceable - still. His character has the smallest amount to do and his character development has been the weakest throughout the series with his only time in the spotlight during The Furies. Also Heptarian has been spending most of his time on screen with an enrolment of soldiers behind him, walking stubbornly around the castle or Atlantis grounds, looking for something. It's all too repetitious and it seems Ramos is doing exactly the same thing. Since his suprising loyalty in White Lies, we have seen little of that again. There was a hint during the persecution of Ariadne, which may lead to his loyalty being revealed in the final episode. Overman, as headwriter, should take all these plots together and find a way to join them respectively, because otherwise they're just a closed book. 

Overall, this wasn't a bad start to a finale, but it could have done better in my view. Or perhaps, they should have shortened it to one episode like Merlin did for the first two series. I hope enough is answered next week for us to look forward to next year with a second series of Atlantis. 

P.S.: My review of the final episode will be postponed to two weeks from now. This is because I will be unable to have time at all to write it. So unfortunately, you'll have to wait an extra week. Thanks for continuing to read my reviews - I appreciate it!

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