You expect a lot from a finale usually. When you get the end of a series, you expect something big to happen, something that will completely change the way the television series shows itself. I have to say, in all honesty, it wasn't a bad finale at all. I had my doubts, considering the blandness of the first part, but ultimately, Touched by the Gods has been an exciting installment into the series. 

Let's start with the negatives. The one problem I've had continuously throughout the series has been Hercules and Pythagoras' contrasting world of comedy. Still, during a time of serious drama, they continue to act like idiots and have jokes. At times, it works, (consider the "cat teeth" moment), but others are far too awkward to be deemed worthy of being on television. Another thing that bothers me is the borrowing from Merlin. They often used an underground cave and outside gate to escape the city, and I feel we're just recycling in order to attract to the viewership. These are just some things the Atlantis writing team need to think about for Series Two.

Concering the positives, there are quite a few. The plot itself was action-packed and fast-paced. The army chasing the group was an intense moment by moment series of scenes. Sarah Parish as usual gives a stunning performance as Pasiphae, first leading the attack to find Ariadne and then as a broken-hearted mother who feels betrayed. John Hannah, however, I believe was the best in this episode. With his vast experience in acting, you could not doubt his skill. Concerning his character, it was a revelation I wasn't expecting. Indeed, we know Jason was touched by a god, but how so, we had no idea. Overman had been planning this for a while, I can tell, and he's successfully made it plausible. 

Amongst other things, the deaths were quite common. First Ramos, and then Heptarian, two major characters in the story that have now made a turning point. Despite Jason clearing the runway to Ariadne, he is still stopped by his own King from reaching her, which is an interesting conclusion. The inclusion of the lepers and Jason's father was an intriguing side-step in the story. We've learnt enough to know that Jason's father was of godly ways, but we weren't too sure until now. 

There are a few jagged ends to sort out, but ultimately this was a magnificent conclusion, with a lot of action, revelations and conclusions to some long plotlines. Pasiphae in the final scene is a great way to end, as it is symbolic that the path of the series has now completely changed. We have eight months to wait now, until the next series - lets hope Atlantis can remain a legend. Below, I have given a rating for the episode and the series. 

My favourite episode? Well that remains to be Pandora's Box.

My favourite writer? Because he's written most of them, Howard Overman.

My favourite character? Throughout the series, she has been magnificent, and positively evil, Pasiphae.

I hope you've enjoyed my series one reviews - they will be returning next year! In the meantime - keep editing!

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