This episode annoyed me slightly, because yes it succeeded in plot, but pushing that plot forward was very messy and confusing. I enjoyed the plot and the fact that nothing was revealed until the final ten minutes when Jocasta explained her predicament.

Firstly, the lack of Heptarian was a little disappointing, I thought that after last week's massive inclusion that he would continue, but it seems the series has stalled to bring in another story. This story does have it's strengths, but ultimately, is it just an excuse to bring in more characters?

Secondly, the inclusion of a cute baby was clever of the writer because it will obviously draw a lot of new viewers in. But, I found the many toilet jokes deteriorated the flow of the story and was just a filler, especially Hercules' conversation with the suspicious solider.

Thirdly, there is not much information about King Laius, Jocasta and their relationship with King Minos and Atlantis. This is crucial for the audience to understand the plot and why they're visiting. This amongst other aspects were hard for me to take in.

Otherwise, however, I enjoyed deception by Pasiphae and her connection with King Laius and Donald Sumpter's performance as Tiresias was brilliant. The tension between him and Medusa was well-executed and it felt for a split second as if I was enjoying a good clip from Game of Thrones again, but it spoiled by some silly mistakes in production and lack of writing intelligence.

In addition, the three main characters, starred in four episodes now, have almost gained personal labels for themselves, which really need to be removed and shaken up a bit. At the moment, we've still got the skilled warrior and the one who has the common sense, Jason; the intelligent man who knows everything about everything, Pythagoras; and the one who tries his best to be the best he can, but fails almost all the time, Hercules. There is some development here, especially when Hercules accidentally reveals his feelings to Medusa.

Overall, the plot is well-thought through, but really it does nothing to the overall plot and not even the Oracle appears to help that out. Like I said last week, in order for Atlantis to improve both the plot and character development in the entire episode. Hopefully next week's gan bring both, but I'm not so sure. At the moment, A Girl By Any Other Name remains my favourite, because it at least had some internal plots to follow quite easily.

All in all, this episode was saved by McBrien's reference to Oedipus in greek mythology. But it's not enough to lift my score.


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