Another week gone by and I struggle to latch on to where the story is going. The inclusion of another plot-line might help to expand the Atlantis world, but it only makes the viewer confused. Thankfully, however, this plot-line is strong and believable and we can easily picture the predicament in our heads. Therus is the lost King who was banished from his kingdom.

Let's start with the weaknesses. First of all, the involvement of both Pythagoras and Hercules in this episode is purely lost to me, not to mention Medusa. Their overall involvement in the episode consists of looking after a prize-winning Dung beetle and that's pretty much it. The comedy may have its merits at times, but ultimately, this is a mistake by Howard Overman. Second of all, we are given no character development from Heptarian who appears to be heading to kill Therus, but we never see him at all. This is a problem that must be resolved soon, otherwise, viewers will forget that he exists. And thirdly, I find the first sighting of Stolos a little awkward, because Ramos saw Ariadne with the intruder unharmed. Why didn't he either tell Pasiphae that Stolos didn't do anything to her, or tell her that Ariadne appeared to be working with the man. This is a little messy, and cannot be rectified now.

But, this episode has more positives than negatives. For instance, the relationship of Jason and Ariadne is progressing, with the nervous scene of him giving her clothes to wear for her disguise and their awkward conversation there. The back story of Therus losing his throne is clever and unique and the fact that he captures Ariadne in order to save her is surprising.

Once again, Pasiphae's powers are unleashed as she uses witchcraft to torture Stolos in revealing why he came to Atlantis. Hopefully, in a future episode, it will be revealed why Pasiphae holds these powers and why she continues to use them, almost in public. One definite thing I am happy about is King Minos' character development in this episode. Before, he was almost a robotic King who would shout and bawl at everyone, but in this episode, it is shown that he cares for Ariadne, which contrasts Pasiphae's treatment of her. He also questions his ethics in exiling Therus from the city.

Overall, a better episode than last week, but once again, I hope that something starts shaking up, and the plot-lines that we already have are stretched, otherwise you may find me struggling to type anything anymore. So, A Girl By Any Other Name still remains at the top, but with last night's brilliant episode, this might shake up a bit, but here's my rankings so far:

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