Okay now in the last episode, we got a few flashes of Jason's destiny, now while the images are sketchy, there are a few details I would like to pick out, cause I think they might foreshadow the developments of this season and perhaps the next.

Now one of the main shots is of a large boat sailing in choppy waters, now any one familiar with the story of Jason probably can guess what this means, but the writers even went as far as making it clear, cause we can make out the name of the boat. The Argo, the ship Jason sailed in the Greek myths.

As such its clear from this image, at some point the writers intend to have Jason go on the quest for the Golden Fleece. Looking back there have been several hints, he's introduced in the first shot on a boat, he gets to Atlantis through the water, his ammulet he wears, and the constant referenaces to Poisodon who is apparantly the patron god of Atlantis, god of the sea.

Likewise last season we saw Jason encounter Atalanta, who told him her Patron (Artemist) had told her there destiny's were interlinked. Imply that she would help him on his quest. As such I strongely beleve more like that is going to occur this season. On his travels Jason is going to run into other heroes, build friendships and favours.

Then come season Three, he's going need to go find the Golden Fleece, and as such he calls in all these friendships he's built, for them to come help him, thus building the Argonauts.  Obviously they won't introduce all the Argonauts (there was arround eighty of them wasn't there?) just a slect few, much like in Merlin, they only introduced us to five of knights of the round table.

As such I see that happening here. He's already got Hercules and Pythagoras, Atalanta is almost confirmed, its just a question who the others will be.

Now your probably asking, why would he need to go after the Golden Fleece. Well I believe the other images might include a clue for that. In one of them we see Ariadne lying on the floor, bleeding badly. In another we see Pasiphae apparantly back in the Palace, smiling triumpthantly.

As such from them I'm willing to speculate at some point Ariande is going to be Mortally wounded. And the only thing in all existance that can save her is the Golden Fleece. But while there gone, Pasiphae will take over, so he'll need to take it back, when they return.

Just my own theories on how I interpret the flashes show last episode.

One final question, assuming there going to limit it to say six or seven argonauts (any more would make the cast a bit big) and we already have Jason, Hercules, Pythagoras and Atalanta, who would you want as the other two or three?

Just to cast a few names I'm interested in, there's:

Thesues - Now as he can't be the slayer of the Minotaur in this continuity, I image he'll be something else. Probably he'll only be famous for marrying Hippolyta queen of the Amazons, and defeating the Centaurs. He is also Hercules's cousin, so that could be an easy way to introduce them.

Autolycus - The prince of thieves, could be an interesting, loveable rougish type character. Skilled in theft and espionage. While also being a pretty great wrestler and knife fighter.

Perseus - Now once again, he couldn't be the slayer of the Minotaur in this continuity, but he could still be famous for rescuing Andromater. Another interesting hero, being the sort of Batman of ancient Greece, with all his mystical gadgets, I could certainly see him being very interesting. As in the Myths he was hercules ansestor, I suppose he could easily be rewritten as his uncle or such. A mature and seasoned hero, perhaps getting on in some ways but still able to help.

Orpheus - Renound for his great voice and its magical properties, to the point he could tame monsters and have the earth itself open up to the sound of it. I imagine he could certainly be a facinating character, and is near neccesary if they want to involve the Siren's.

Bellerophan - Slayer of the Chimera, and the tammer of the Pegesus, the winged horse. Perhaps not the best for a boat, but could still be an interesting character, even for a one off.

Castor and Pollux - The Gemi twins.

What do you think? 

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