Witchcraft, also known as Sorcery, or Magic, is the mystic art that allows it's practitioners, known as 'witches' to influence events, people, and objects.

Hecate is goddess of witchcraft.

Known AbilitiesEdit

  • Teleportation - moving from one place to another without passing the distance between.
  • Telekinesis - the power to move/manipulate objects and people with your mind.
  • Potion Making - the act of brewing and concocting supernatural elixirs that contain supernatural powers.
  • Spell Casting - the act of changing and controlling things by magical influence. Requires incantations and components.
  • Illusion Casting - the act of creating illusions, things that appear to be there by aren't really.
  • Precognition - the power of foreseeing events before they happen.


  • Its unclear if practising Witchcraft is enough to make you a witch, as Pasiphae also practices witchcraft and has never been referred to as one.
  • It is unknown what a male witch is called or if there is a distinction between the two.

Known WitchesEdit

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